Series 1: Jalal al-Din Rumi

It’s is a celebration on his birthday of Sept 30th, yr 1207; we are offering the Rumi Series. No Password needed.

Rumi 1 ~ Sharing this Dance of ‘The Beloved
Rumi 2 ~ Living in the Fire of Love
Rumi 3 ~ Polishing the Mirror of your Heart

Rumi 4 ~ God Realization through Us
Rumi 5 ~ Lover / Beloved / Love Itself
Rumi 6 ~ Mevlana’s Beloved ~ Shams-i-Tabrizi

Rumi 7 ~ ‘Friendship
Rumi 8 ~ Entering the World of Pure Love
Rumi 9 ~ The Mind Dissolving in Drunken Sobreity
Rumi 10 ~ Consciousness Dancing Beyond Time
Rumi 11 ~ ‘Our Essence
Rumi 12 ~ Thank You, Mevlana

Background to Series: Over about a 12 month period in 2013-14 David Less shared his commentary on four Sufi Messengers: Ibn Arabi, Al Hallaj, Jelal-ud-Din Rumi and Farid-ud-Din Attar. These commentaries are framed by Pir Vilayat’s own commentaries published in his 1970 paper. They were filmed in Sarasota at the Universal Retreat Center, usually in the late morning after David Less had met with retreatants.

Please share these Rumi Videos with anyone who might appreciate them.

Interested In The Others In The Series: Leave a message with your Email in the Comment Box below or Email Gerry Scott at ‘’ with your request. We will contact you in regards to getting the Password.

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