Darvesha Add-Ons

Oct. 22 Zikr — Peace is Found Within — More Buddhist 4 Step Practice Darvesha guided us in a few gentle sweet chants of Peace and then gave us a 3 min. practice in Mind Management. We imagined a situation/person/topic that our reactive self rears up and we attach to those thoughts, those stories about the feeling of that reaction. She told us to let it flare up. Feel it. Sense it very much in the body — in the forehead or throat or sola plexus — then concentrate on that spot — the sensation of it. As thoughts about the reaction come just do not attach to them, don’t give them energy. We do not have to make a mental effort to let them go just really focus on the sensation, the feeling in the body that associated with that reaction — make it your hook upon which you can focus and magically, the more we focus on the sensation in the body the more the thoughts & stories that fuel it appear less and less. And then Blessings upon Blessings the reactive sensation in the body dissolves and then we celebrate in the freedom that is a satori — enjoy it — appreciate it and then move into the stage of ‘Action’ which comes naturally and not as a reaction — there we can find our peace within in that trusting emptiness. Much of the group really got it. Well done by us all.
Darvesha ?: Doing this in daily life, how does that work?

Oct 8th Zikr: Labeling Intrusions as ‘A Thought’ or ‘A Feeling’
Darvesha ? 1) What it means that most of us are ‘Spacing Out’ into our meditations. (2) What is meant that images are still thinking.

https://zoom.us/j/3351315244 — PassWord is 2020
We just need to pick a time and day.

Buddhist Aspects: A Related Darvesha Sept 30th Video Excerpt
Background to the practice of labeling the consciousness presentments as ‘a Thought‘ or ‘a Feeling‘ given on Oct 8 zoom zikr.

Text Resources and References

The Mystical: The Everyday Sublime Stephen Batchelor


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