Writing my way towards my meaning

Note: The idea in this writing is to allow a deeper level of meaning to flow forth. I will enter Contemplation & Emptiness and then gently allowing that meanfulness to flow into words. As I do this, I will limit the amount of nuts and bolts text editing and only edit as a refinement and discovery of meaning.

Topic Area: Sit — Stand — Wobble — Will — Letting Go — Acceptance of Uncertainly — The Freedom & Peace of Unknowing & Peace Itself.

Peace is not something I get or something I make. It is already here. Peace is not object I attain. Peace is not separate from Trust or Love. It is born of and returns to The Silence, The Stillness.

Peace is not someplace else, for it is here — it is now. And how expansive is this ‘Now’ for it connects to the past but is not caught in it and it hopes for future but lets it be what it will.

I could just as well refer to it as Awareness or Breath.

It merges and overlaps with Silence and Stillness.

Love and Unity .
It is not a thing to be possessed or gotten.
It is not someplace else. It is here.